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Why blog?

I’ve started a good handful of blogs over the years. I could ramble on and try to come up with a solid, non-egotistical reason why… but lets face it…. blogging has nothing to do with modesty, good-intentions, or being secretive. We blog because we want people to know how awesome we think we are or want others to tell us how awesome we are. Now it’s just a matter of which subtitle you are looking to be filed under the grand title of Awesome. Examples include (but are not limited to): – Funny – Intelligent – Attractive – Crass – Noble – Rebellious – Religious – Insightful – on and on and on It’s more about validation than anything. We want to be liked/loved/adored/admired for whichever subtitle we think we fit under. We want people to talk about us when we aren’t around, we want people to want to know us even after we’re gone. Trying to make sense of the expanse of the world is completely different than even 10 or 20 years ago. We can reach people on a daily basis from all around the Earth. As amazing as it is… we’ve lost sight of tight-knit communities. In an effort to feel some semblance of the feeling of a “community” we reach out in the blog-o-sphere, trying to find people who will be our tight-knit group. Validation from people is essential, I suppose, because it gives us reason to do better or try harder. So, blog away!

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