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Skinny on a Curvy

I took the plunge.

SQIN jeans - H&M

I purchased a pair of skinny jeans. While in NY I grew a pair of fashion you-know-whats and made it a goal to exchange money for my very first pair of skinny jeans. I have been a fan of this fashion venture for some time – but not right from the beginning, and certainly not for everyone. My fear – as is most women’s I imagine – is looking like Humpty Dumpty in them. Children or no children – I’ve always had an issue with being wide, curvy, pear-shaped, junk in the trunk (and not in a cute bubbly Kim K. way) I even have thick calves, making boot shopping a task that leaves me feeling less than enthused with my choices of boots-made-for-walking-but-only-if-you-have pencil-legs.

Moving on…. since it’s fall (my fave) I was feeling adventurous – plus the cooler weather means knit dresses, layers, boots (the ones that fit my elephantiasis calves) and the cute asymmetrical covers, wraps and sweaters currently in style that would help balance out my shape whilst donning the scary skinny jeans.

Gaby (of the awesome Paperplanes and Maryjanes – I may be bordering on single white female – jk – I hope) took me on a journey through 59th St. and Lexington Ave. – making out way to our last stop, before her graphic design class, at H&M.

What a freaking awesome place! The style, the choices, the PRICES! Of course I nabbed a few things – but certainly I finally tried on a pair of skinny jeans. Before that, Gaby had to tutor me on the sizes – I don’t get out much.

I pulled them on – they were skinny but actually fit really well in my butt and waist. No muffin top, gathering, or gaping. Jean heaven. Great fit – and INSANELY great price….

Gray slouch boots - Gordmans

I gladly handed over my $9.99 +tax (yep, you read correctly) for these not quite so offensive, SQIN, skinny jeans. After all, I don’t want someone scoffing and laughing with her friends about how I shouldn’t paint on my jeans or that it looks like I just fell of my wall and all the king’s horses and men couldn’t put me back together again.

So, verdict – I think I don’t look so bad in them. And I have a great pair of boots, with a little slouch, that help balance out the meddlesome middle.

Hats off,




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