A renaissance gal passionista and her amazing family.

Old is New Again

As I get older…

I find that I appreciate older things more and more. I’ve always had an affinity for antiques and bygone eras. I was obsessed with Shirley Temple growing up – I suppose she and her movies reminded me of the optimism of being a small, extremely talented child. I’ve always felt that if past lives were indeed a magical reality, I was surely directly from the 1850-ish time and then 1930/40-ish time. Which if you do the math, I didn’t really have a very long life before entering my current one. Hmmmm….

Well, despite my early demise past life, in this one, I love trolling St. Charles Antique Mall. It’s huge! When I do get a chance to go, I spend more time than I should admit – usually 2-4 hours 🙂 But I love getting lost, finding unique items, wondering about the history of pieces, smelling the time and love that has been spent with each item. I collect old books especially (which are sometimes strategically hidden amongst other treasures) and am currently hoping to do some redecorating via vintage and antique furniture and what-nots. Here are some of my personal possessions thus far…

Antique, painted, ribbons tied to pulls - St. Charles Antique Mall

Vintage, painted white, purple painted hardware - St. Charles Antique Mall

Vintage - possibly borrowed from a girl named Piper many years ago

Vintage/Antique Brooches - St. Charles Antique Mall, Ring - my late Aunt Shirley



Here is a PHENOMENAL picture of my beloved old (antique/vintage/interesting) books (and my sweet sweet wedding shoes) by the lovely and talented

Emilie Graul


Now some items for my WISHLIST

Cute kitchen buffet - St. Charles Antique Mall

Pine Secretary with storage hutch - St. Charles Antique Mall

Adorable kitchen canisters - in French - St. Charles Antique Mall


Shabby white table - St. Charles Antique Mall

Chair Lust 🙂 - St. Charles Antique Mall

Chair-gasm - St. Charles Antique Mall

Hats off,



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