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“Uh, this isn’t what I ordered…”

Keeping up with the neighbors is getting more and more challenging, stressful and irritating. Why are we still trying to attain the impossible?

In our world (at least the good ol’ USA) we are fixated on perfection: perfect health, perfect image, perfect job, perfect house, perfect life, perfect kids – yadda yadda yadda. At what point do we realize that perfection is just a myth? When are we all, including the powers that be, going to wake up and say, “Duh!”

Perfection is a sales tactic, a marketing scheme, a ploy to pick our pockets.

I fall for it, saying to myself, “If only I could be/have (enter one or all of the following: skinnier, prettier, better hair, new car, new house, more money) I would be perfectly happy and probably never want for anything again.” Of course, as an intelligent, free-thinking person, I know this is complete bunk. But we all think it. In our fight against anything challenging, we are always looking for a way to be perfect and challenge-free – looking for that “Easy” button. We envy those who have more stuff than us, better looks, etc, etc. Does anyone ever envy someone who is patient, kind, and well-mannered?

I acknowledge that I am part of this vicious cycle. Perfection seems like this grand prize for living the right way, the reward of critical acclaim for beating the odds of being human. Of course I want to be perfect. Being flawed means I am less of a person, less attractive, less interesting, and that ultimately I will end up alone, without the reward of someone who will love me just as I am. Doesn’t it?

No. Perfection is a myth. Deep down we know that. But even deeper down, we still wish we could attain it. The struggle isn’t just acknowledging that it’s a myth, it’s accepting it. No one is perfect, despite their facade.

For those of us who feel scrambled in a sunny side world, remember, we all end up in the same place, the big tummy in the ground. And sunny side isn’t so hot either, one false move and the fragile skin spills out the true colors.

8 Reasons Why Perfection is a Myth

1. Because you have a brain and can think for yourself.

2. You enjoy conversations with people that don’t involve reality tv, who wore it better, and did they or didn’t they plastic surgery

3. Being unique is what makes the world interesting

4. Life is a long road of growing, learning, and goals to work towards

5. Evolving is a trait to be proud of and is necessary

6. Without the bad, you can’t truly appreciate the good

7. A perfect world doesn’t breed change, genius and beauty

8. Being true to yourself is awesome

Now go on and live a genuinely imperfect and happy life!

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  1. Excellent post! Some years ago, I gave up trying to be perfect in favor of merely living as true to myself as is socially responsible. I’ve been so much happier.

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