A renaissance gal passionista and her amazing family.

This blog started off as a place to vent – but I only had one entry.

Then I was going to reinvent it and breathe new life into it by blogging about things I loved and admired. That lasted for a few entries.

Now… I’m hoping to use this platform to shake things up. Me, my family, the world. Well, that’s a bit…

Bold and excessive.

Yes, I agree. In the past few months many things have happened. From parenting to health to education to philosophy; we have shaken things up a bit and have been more open about more than the next great movie or how we can make more money.

We have turned the tv off and began to read, research and revise more.

It’s been brilliant.

We’ve also outted ourselves as atheists, humanists, naturalist, freethinkers…

That… was… scary.

So here is to a new chapter in our lives – our ever growing, changing and (most importantly) evolving lives. This will be a place of thought on many things including (but not limited to) education, homeschooling, atheism, humanism, critical thinking, crafting, fashion, theatre, reading, inspiration, food (yum), healthy lifestyles, culture, literature, gardening, cleaning, money, experiments, challenge, love, life, laughter, ethics, morals, integrity, politics, religion, creativity, experiments, travel, wisdom and I’m sure many, many more.




Comments on: "Times… they are a-changin’" (3)

  1. So completely new direction for the future?

  2. Yes, for the blog. I want to incorporate so many things whereas before I was trying to find a niche – just one thing or a narrow focus. I’m finding it’s okay to embrace many different interests and it’s okay when they change.

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