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Over at Freely Educate there is a FABULOUS giveaway!

Homeschool Programming, Inc want to give a full curriculum to two Freely Educate readers!

We teach Windows and Game Programming to students who like computers! You don’t need a big computer lab to provide quality computer science education for your student.

Don’t delay… head over to Freely Educate for your chance to win a full curriculum from Homeschool Programming, Inc!

Basic details of Kidcoder,  from their site:

  • Brief introduction to computer hardware, software, and programming history
  • Introduction to the Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express development environment
  • Managing different types of data such as numbers and text
  • Learning how to make decisions about program flow
  • Obtaining and validating user input
  • Working with numbers and math operations
  • Working with strings (text)
  • Learning how to debug (find errors in) your code
  • Learning how to write loops to execute sections of code many times
  • Working with arrays (sets of data)
  • Learning how to publish your programs to other computers
  • Putting it all together — write a simple graphical game!

Basic details of Teencoder, taken from their site:

  • Introduction to the C# programming language
  • Creating Windows Forms
  • Using dialog controls
  • C# data types and variables
  • User input and flow control
  • Math functions and string operations
  • C# debugging and exception handling
  • Object-oriented programming concepts
  • Classes, inheritance, and polymorphism
  • Collections, sorting, and recursion
  • File Input/Output
  • Final project is to make a graphical chess game!



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