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There it is – the big fat double standard elephant sitting in the middle of us.


With its rotundness and mockery.

Utopia Theory Comics

I’ve recently shared two of my blog posts/articles with the St. Charles Patch A Teachable Moment In Secular Values and Welcome National Atheist Party.

Knowing this area isn’t known for it’s massive atheist/secular/freethinker population, I submitted my articles anyway. Luckily I haven’t received any death threats … yet. I don’t doubt that I will at some point for voicing my opinion and being honest. Odd how those characteristics are frightening to the point of threatening death to some people.


I have received two comments (one on each article)  to let me know that at least one person is reading my posts in disgust and probably wasting time by “praying” for me.

In my  A Teachable Moment In Secular Values post – I wanted to point out that, as a parent and an atheist, we ABSOLUTELY, have morals and values we follow and teach, and religion doesn’t own, create, or regulate morality. I received a comment from a female Reverend and another reader (and then the Reverend used my post to promote and link to her church – which I thought to be distasteful to do on someone else’s post)

And then this lovely comment:

Hmmm? I’m sad? There’s a difference between “sad” and “secure in one’s choices,” “happy with one’s path,” and “responsible for my own life.” And what exactly is sad – teaching my children how to be honest, kind, compassionate, integrity-filled members of society? I don’t think your definition of sad is the same as … oh, say… the dictionary.

In my Welcome National Atheist Party post – I was just welcoming the National Atheist Party. Founded in March 2011, the National Atheist Party is a diverse, all inclusive, progressive, secular political movement and a response to the lack of representation for all free thinking people who are legal, law abiding citizens of the United States.

Mr. Watson struck again:

Seeing as the deity you speak of doesn’t exist – I’m not sure why you would welcome me to his world. It’s like saying “Welcome to the world that PRIMUS built.” (this is a Transformers reference 😉 )

It is simply not true.

Regardless… my issue lies in the cowardice and disrespect.

If I went onto (for instance) the Reverend’s blog post and said anything remotely close to the pointlessly ignorant sentiments that Mr. Watson so lovingly left for me and others to read – I would be verbally attacked for being a bigot, working for the devil, evil, or any other number of wonderfully unoriginal  slurs.

I have no problem engaging in discussion. I’ve done it on several occasions concerning atheism and theism.

It’s an unfortunate double standard that I will no longer allow to be “the elephant in the room”. People like Mr. Watson are aware of their intentions. I am aware of his intentions. This is a blatant case of sarcasm and ignorance.  And I will no longer be quiet and allow the ignorance of others steamroll over what is right and what is wrong.

Wrong: Posting things on blog posts with a generally negative, sarcastic, and disrespectful tone, without really SAYING anything. Inciting irrational means of communication.

Right: Engaging in a reasoned discussion, asking respectful questions, being open to a rational and logical debate.

How did I learn these things you ask?

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Education and Tolerance.

I recommend reading my A Teachable Moment In Secular Values post for more ideas 😉

E Pluribus Unum To All, And To All A Goodnight!

**** UPDATE**** Mr. Watson Strikes Again!



Comments on: "The Double Standard Elephant In The Room" (7)

  1. I understand that after putting up with such sentiments, honest and/or sarcastic, for a length of time we all have our breaking point. You are right in saying that there is a difference between the two kinds of criticism.
    Did you delete these comments from the comment section (in which case I would like to know where you stand on moderating posts, if you would be willing to tell me 🙂 )? I have found that atheists in general are more open to comments and are less likely to moderate than the believers (with notable exceptions). Would you agree?

    • I did’t delete the comments. As of yet, I haven’t deleted any comments on my personal blog or on The Patch. As I have nothing to hide I suppose I don’t find it necessary. I’m not under the facade of being always and unquestionably right about all things – so leaving myself open to discussion and debate it a good thing. Ideally, it’s an opportunity for me and anyone commenting to learn from each other. Of course, there are trolls. Sometimes they bug me, sometimes they are just entertaining. In my humble opinion, I find it nearly impossible to comment on a theist site, having a different opinion, and not being berated or condemned for it. I’m sure there are some who don’t and welcome discussions. But generally, I don’t seek out theistic sites as I don’t want to be seen as a troll. My main goal when blogging about atheism or secular issues is to promote awareness and tolerance.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. So I randomly found your blog through the secularhomeschool site and I’m kind of in love with you/it. I live in St. Louis too and it’s so mother loving refreshing to find a non-Christian person who intelligently expresses their beliefs when my kids and I are inundated with JESUS billboards and one too many “have a bless’d day”‘s.

    Side and somewhat related side note: before kids, when I had a job, my boss was pretty (read: A LOT) religious and when he found out that I wasn’t he was visibly shocked. And commented to the effect of: “Wow, I just assumed because you have such strong morals that you were Christian.” I loved telling him that my non-religious parents instilled a very strong sense of moral duty in me.

    Glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

    • Thanks, Sarah! You can’t imagine how incredible it feels to know that I’m not alone and for those who do support being good without god to comment on my blog.

      Do you homeschool?

  3. Yes, we will be starting our second year of homeschooling later this month.

    • Awesome! I am co-organizer of a new secular homeschool group. This is our first year and I spent all summer becoming a member of homeschooling groups and finding info, which, as I’m sure you know, is very religious-centric. To each his own – but I also like meeting people with similar philosophies. Also, I think by creating this group we can centralize resources, advice, tips, etc for secular homeschoolers. Right now, we are a local group for play dates and the such. We are on Facebook – St. Charles Secular Homeschoolers (I don’t know how far you are from St. Charles). Do you have any groups that you meet up with?

  4. That is too funny! My friend, Stacey, mentioned to me yesterday that she had gone to the meetup for St. Charles Secular Homeschoolers this week and told me I should join next time. I have tried a couple of groups but besides the small life learners group, I haven’t found any I mesh with. St. Charles is only 20 min away from us. I found the group on fb and asked to join. Thanks!

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