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In response to my post on St. Charles Patch, Mr. Watson had a comment for me (at the end of my post). My comment did not fit the number of words guidelines, so I have posted it here.


I have made one political post. It was factual, and announced the formation of a newly recognized political party. Aside from that, I don’t know what you could possibly be referring to when it comes to being political.

As far as my “Atheist [Political] Agenda” goes… If you are referring to the fact that I am an atheist and that I’m not ashamed of my viewpoint, then guilty. If you are referring to my attempts to show that Atheists and Free-Thinkers and other non-theists or non-Chirstians can be and are good people, then…guilty! If you are referring to the fact that I encourage (intelligent) discussion on a variety of topics in several arenas, then I’m afraind you’ll have to find me guilty.

I’m not sure what it is about my posts that you find so offensive, Denis. If you are happy with your faith, then good for you. I have never told someone to stop going to Church, or to turn their back on their god or religion. I’ve simply used an opportunity to hopefully decrease the amount of ignorance and to increase the amount of acceptance in my small corner of the world.

(For the record, I have many, many positive, encouraging, and thankful comments from St. Charlesians of all philosophical stripes)

And so we come, Denis, to my final point. My small corner of the world just so happens to be in the same place as yours. My voice exists right here in St. Charles. This may come as a shock, Denis, but *I AM A LOCAL VOICE.* How dare you presume that–because you find my honesty and dissimilar beliefs uncomfortable–you speak for our whole city? Futhermore, how dare you pass judgement on my writings, when you, thus far, have refused to address a single item in any of my posts, and instead spend your time coming up with unrelated one-sentence remarks that have nothing to do with anything that’s been said?

I understand that by responding to you, I’m simply feeding your trolling behavior. I know that I will come to regret this.  But I honestly hope that some day you will come to understand that someone that is different from you is not the enemy, and that yours is not the sole voice of the community.

If thine eye offends thee, Denis, pluck it out. Feel free to stop reading anything by anyone who puts forth ideas or calls for a broader understanding and appreciation of other people and the world around us. Please excercise your right to refuse to question anything that you have been told. By all means, Denis, restrict your reading to things that don’t offend you so much that you can not even respond intelligently.

E Pluribus Unum To All, and To All a Good Night!


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