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Shout Out – Edible Books

If you know me personally, you also know of my obsession fascination and love of books.

I collect antique books

And our wedding photographer incorporated my lovelies into some amazing pictures 🙂

Today, I ran across something a little different…. edible books. I love food and books!!!!

From hungryhappenings.com

These are adorable… and I want to eat them.

Edible Books Made from Fruit Leather and Honey Scented White Modeling Chocolate (makes 12 books)
Before you begin: If you haven’t made modeling chocolate before or haven’t melted chocolate, you should read my chocolate making tutorial.. All brands of white chocolate or white candy melts have varying amounts of cocoa butter or oil, so this recipe is just a guide. You may need to add more or possibly less honey. I used Peters White Caps which are similar to Merckens Super White Coatings or Wilton White Candy Melts.
1/4 cup honey
12 assorted fruit leather bars (cherry, strawberry, and raspberry work best)
powdered sugar to dust work surface
Read the rest here!

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