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Our First WINS Day!

Taking a page from hubs’ company, goBRANDgo, we are adopting a Wins Board into our homeschool adventure.

A Wins Board?

*** side note: nothing to do with Charlie Sheen ***

We each have our own color of Post-It note:

Throughout the week, each of us write down in our binders/notebooks (to keep track) any thing worthy of a fist-pump or high five. Then each week we start our Monday-morning meeting by sharing the WINS from the previous week.  Each Post-It gets placed up around our dry erase board – therefore creating our Wins Board – and creating a really colorful scene that will grow every week.


  1. Mondays aren’t a favorite for most people. After a nice relaxing weekend, getting back into the groove of things can be… less than exciting. We hope to create positive energy and turn (what Office Space made so funny) a ‘case of the Mondays’ to “Heck yeah, look what I/We did!”
  2. Teaching encouragement and pride without being arrogant.
  3. To serve as a reminder to all of us when bad moments, days, subjects occur, that yes we have accomplished something. We just have to take a look at our board of WINS!
Our First Wins: Week of August 29

What are YOUR Wins?


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