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Awesome Week!

On Monday we started the third week! That is when we started the Dewey Decimal System Poster, and it was really fun!!!!

Tuesday hmmmmmmmm, oh! We went to the Library!! The time I get to work quietly!!

Wednesday got here and was just another day of school. Not too bad because I got to read the rest of ” Kit Learns A Lesson!! ”

Thursday: another awesome one!! I did gymnastics and dance. In gymnastics my favorite part was floor because I did a really good back extension roll. In Tap we learned how to do a shuffle with an awesome dance teacher, Ms. Donna. Then we did Ballet and I went to the front to show the rest of the class the correct way to do a jump with pretty pointed feet!!! Next was Jazz and it was my favorite. We get to do the Jazz walk which is really fun!!

Today we are going to the balloon glow in St. Louis, I hope it is going to be fun!! Cross our fingers!!!

Tomorrow I am going to a birthday party at the gym!!! It is going to be sooo much fun!!! We also have the Balloon Race, I hope it is going to be fun also!!!!

On Sunday it is just a relaxing day, I hope!

Then after Sunday is Monday, another school week!!


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  1. Sounds like a great week!

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