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Celebrate The Death of DADT

I am former military. This repeal is off-the-charts amazing!

I cannot believe it has taken this long for equality in our country.

I cannot believe that, as a 1st world nation, a supposed “superpower” among countries, that we have allowed such blatant ignorant bigotry for so long.

I cannot believe this great nation of people expected it’s own service members to fight for a country who wasn’t willing to fight for the equal rights of the people it was asking to die for it.

Thank Math that someone has finally come to their senses.


For over 236 years, the U.S. Army has been an extraordinary force for good in the world. Our Soldiers are the most agile, adaptable and capable warriors in history — and we are ready for this change…

Accordingly, we expect all personnel to follow our Values by implementing the repeal fully, fairly and in accordance with policy guidance. It is the duty of all personnel to treat each other with dignity and respect, while maintaining good order and discipline throughout our ranks. Doing so, will help the U.S. Army remain the Strength of the Nation.


One amazing story already: Navy Lt. Gary Ross, Partner Dan Swezy Wed As Military’s Gay Ban Formally Ends


Suck on that homophobes.


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  1. A close friend of mine helped draft the DADT legislation. He wasn’t a homophobe. He has passed away now, but he would have been glad to see this repeal, and to see the military more open and tolerant of sexuality differences than it was before DADT was implemented. Charlie was a pragmatist, and he wrote what he did in part to prevent something more draconian from being implemented. He was on our team–I assure you of that.

    In 1993 DADT was a step forward. And in 2011 we get another step forward with its repeal.

    You can read about him here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/05/us/05moskos.html

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