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Gavyn’s Schedule

Writing Prompt:

Through a Visitor’s Eyes

Most of us take for granted the history and interesting sites in and near our hometowns. Imagine that someone from out of town is visiting for a week and you must plan a week of sightseeing and other things to do. Write a schedule for the week that includes all the things that you think are important to do and see in your town.

O.k, so today’s Saturday, tomorrow we can sit back, check out a map of St. Louis, and see where we’d like to go in addition to our original plans. Monday we’re going to check out Christmas Traditions down on Main St. I heard they have really good ice cream shaped chocolate-chip cookies at a place called Grandma’s Cookies. Tuesday were going to check out the Arch. Maybe we can even check out the top of it. Wednesay we are eating at the delicious Albert Pujol’s restaurant for lunch and dinner because me and my wife really want to help out with his daughter Isabella’s down syndrome. Thursday were going back down to Main St. Then seeing bunches of animals at the Zoo. Then Saturday were packing our bags and heading out the door.

photo by jdx


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