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Isabella’s Week of To-Do

Writing Prompt:

Through a Visitor’s Eyes

Most of us take for granted the history and interesting sites in and near our hometowns. Imagine that someone from out of town is visiting for a week and you must plan a week of sightseeing and other things to do. Write a schedule for the week that includes all the things that you think are important to do and see in your town.


Today we are doing something a little different :

Let’s say that my friend Skylar, from California came to Missouri and wanted to know what I loved to do.


Well, I would tell her :

Today we are going bowling and playing arcade games!!

  That’s going to be so much fun!!

Tomorrow, we would go rock climbing!

  Let’s see how far up you can go!

Then on Sunday we would go shopping and get a bunch of clothes and shoes!

  What size are you??

Monday we would have a spa day!

  Did you bring your robe?

On Tuesday we would invite our friend for a sleepover!

  Girls, bring some nail polish!!

Next is Wednesday and we got invited to a birthday party at Sky Zone!!

  Time to bounce!!

Now it is Thursday and Skylar leaves tomorrow. 😦

But we still have Thursday to do stuff!!

We are going to breakfast, lunch, and dinner out!!

    Bring a fancy outfit!!

It is now Friday and Skylar is leaving today. 😦

I say goodbye to her and she says, ” I’ll come back down  here again in three weeks!! ”

When she says this my face lights up, I’m so exited!!

Time to make new plans!! ……   


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  1. omg she is too cute.

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