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Followin’ Friday

In my blog and homeschool adventure, I ran into Suzanne from All In A Day’s Work.

She is a homeschool mom too – and freaking HILARIOUS! She calls it like she sees it, curses like a sailor, and lends a very real voice to homeschooling. (Despite what is put out there, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies and our kids aren’t robots).

So, if you need a laugh, a chuckle, a reason to see the beautiful and hilarious truth that is Team Suzanne – take a peak at her blog All In A Day’s Work.

It’s Friday… have a cocktail.





Comments on: "Followin’ Friday" (2)

  1. Oh my word–thanks so much for following ME! What a thrill to see my own picture on your site. I feel like I’ve been invited to the cool kids table in the cafeteria!

    Happy Friday to you! Public school is off today, so we are too, which means we may just have Halloween costumes finished by Monday after all!

    • I think more people should read your blog – it’s a definite must to brighten some of my days.

      We have a very short day today as we have to finish decorating for a gymnastics meet. Their grandfather’s company, Gymnet Sports, holds local gymnastics meets and we all work during them (nepotism, who?) so the kiddos get a short Friday and Monday off during meet weekends.

      Luckily, our costumes are finished. We had a deadline of last Saturday for some stinkin’ party. But… at least they are donzo!! Good luck – can’t wait to see pics!

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