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God And Baseball

I’ve been told that people don’t really pray for “God” to determine the outcome of a sporting event. I’ve heard that those are silly things non-believers say to try to discredit the “power of prayer”.

Now I have proof.

I live in the proud St. Louis area and our baseball team is in the 2011 World Series (although, the whole world doesn’t compete…) and my Facebook is slammed with baseball status updates. *groan*

As I was perusing my Facebook last night, I took this screen shot when someone prayed to “God” on behalf of the St. Louis Cardinals. Because, you know… it’s “His” top priority to help win this thing. Right? And loving Jesus means “God” will be on your side in this terribly important matter.


Well, I hope it was worth it because this is still happening…

despite prayers… but at least “He” was doing what is most important… winning sporting events.


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