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Takin’ Back Halloween

Each year I walk into Halloween stores hoping to gaze upon the best, most unique, clever and inspirational halloween costumes.

Each year I leave angry.


Because, apparently, if you have a vagina, the only kind of costume you want to wear involves the word “sexy”. And by “sexy”, they mean “slutty”.

by Andy Marlette

I’ll admit I’ve worn a few of the “sexy” costumes. I dressed as a French Maid once. And I was in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I can’t take my 9 year old daughter into these places because… well…because our “the talk” did not yet cover “Thinly Veiled Prostitution in its Various Forms.” Key word… yet.

I don’t understand how thigh high stockings and/or socks are EVER needed for Mrs. Claus, Alice in Wonderland, or any number of children’s fairy tale characters. GROSS.

What are we teaching our teenagers and little girls with this?

I also don’t understand these dumb ideas:

Sexy Harry Potter


Sexy Finding Ne-moh (*gag*)


Sexy Anna Rexia (WHAT THE FUCK?!?) (excuse my language, but… COME ON!?)


Yes, I enjoy the idea of being sexy.

No, I don’t enjoy being mistaken for a hooker dressed as Elmo. GROSS.

Yes, I enjoy being a woman and feeling attractive.

No, I don’t agree that expressing myself as a woman means dressing like a rap-video-throw-away-piece-of-ass.

And where is the creativity… the wit… the damn self-respect?

Slapping on a dress that barely covers your bum and boobs, is in no way historically accurate or authentic, heels you obviously can’t walk in,  and then parading around pretending you care what guys actually think about your personality is insulting to the rest of us.

Well, I found a site that is doing something about it, TakeBackHalloween.org.

What we mean by “taking it back”

We love Halloween. We really love Halloween. We think it’s cool that there’s one day a year when people can dress up as anything they want. What we don’t think is cool is that increasingly women are only supposed to dress up as one thing: “Sexy _____” (fill in the blank)

Our vision for Halloween

We think there’s a serious lack of opportunities in life to dress up in strange clothes and pretend to be somebody else. Unless you’re in show business, Halloween is pretty much it. Why waste it?

Scary costumes are traditional, and that’s great. But there are other things you could do. We have a theatre background, so we think of Halloween as an opportunity to portray a specific person or character. For example, you could:

  • Celebrate your heritage. North America is full of people from every single part of the world. But no matter where we’re from, we all have amazing queens, heroines, and goddesses in our cultural backgrounds.
  • Channel the goddess. It’s a great way to explore the female divine—or just wear an awesome costume. (Use care if you’re stepping outside your own heritage.)
  • Be Queen for a Day. To heck with princesses. Be a queen.
  • Honor your personal heroine. Who inspires you? Who fascinates you?
  • Try on some red carpet glamour. Dressing to the nines is fun. When else do you get to wear elbow length gloves and feather boas? Unless you’re a movie star in real life, Halloween is your chance.

In fact, we have more ideas for costumes than we have time to post on this site. We’re adding more costumes every day—even every hour (when we’ve had coffee).

A few of their classy and brilliant ideas:

Grace Kelly


Frido Kahlo


And many, many MORE!!

Check it out ladies… they have many ideas and how to make/put-together the costume. They give a background/summary on each character/person as well 🙂

Take Back Halloween and pass this it on – stop relying on almost or actually showing your va-jay-jay as a costume option.

BIG THANKS to  Real History Project and  Suzanne Scoggins for Taking Back Halloween!

** Also, hubs says, the classic scary/horror costume works too! Zombies, Ghosts, Ghouls, Witches (real ones, not slutty ones) anything with terrible gashes and blood and gross teeth.


Comments on: "Takin’ Back Halloween" (9)

  1. Absolutely. I keep my girls out of those stores also. Primarily because I am ashamed of the adult behavior that creates this situation–to have to explain to them that this is what people think girls/women should be/do. It’s humiliating and shameful.

    The Frida Kahlo costume is brilliant. Ah–to be Frida for a day. So talented. Such a force. So dramatic and beautiful.

    It’s a heavy, heavy tide we swim against, trying to protect young kids from this polarizing male/female hyper-sexuality. But, what choice do we have, but to keep swimming? The other option is far too distasteful (your kid in that Harry Potter get-up).

  2. I think this applies here: http://i.qkme.me/3582m9.jpg

  3. riceballmommy said:

    I love the Hatshepsut costume. She is one of my favorite historical figures.
    I also agree there is way too much “sexy” in women’s Halloween costumes. I was looking through the teen costumes and it had me a little worried that once my daughter grows into that size I’ll have to learn to sew.

  4. Heh. I’m with you on that! Last night’s costume party was fun, but I basically saw all the women dressed up as witches, vampires or dark fairies, all in black and rather sexy. I felt quite out of place in my Steampunk engineer outfit that didn’t show leg or cleavage. LOL

    Sexy doesn’t always equal slutty (I’m fortunate to have a husband who agrees wholeheartedly with that sentiment). If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want her thinking that Halloween is time to get her skank on!

    • I wore my ren faire costume this year. And although I’m abnormal in wanting something that isn’t “slutty”… at least I was warm 😉

  5. Vicki JohnsonBarrett said:

    Didn’t see this until after Halloween, but had to give you my total endorsement!
    Every year I complain that adult costume parties are nothing more than an opportunity for women to pretend to be prostitutes. Eeewww.

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