A renaissance gal passionista and her amazing family.

1950’s Girl Gets Candy

Monday was Halloween!!!!!!!!  I was a 1950’s girl!!!   I got bunches of CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday was awesome!! I finished Anne Of Green Gables!! And we also finished school early!
Wednesday wasn’t bad well, I had to go to Gavyn’s gymnastics and dance. But the best part is we got school done early and we finished our helmets!!
Thursday was another awesome day!!! I had gymnastics and dance and we had Bread Co. for lunch!!!!We also got school done early like always!!!
Today is going to be terrific!!! We get our new apartment today!!! Me, Gavyn, and my dad are going to have an APARTMENT !!!!!!!! It is down at that Turnberry place!!! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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