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We have all seen, read, and/or heard the Christian version of  “The Reason For The Season”. Unfortunately, and humorously, the biblical man, Yahu’shuah bar Yosef (aka Jesus) isn’t the original reason for the season. One could say that his myth was extremely good at piggy back riding, since so many people have been convinced that he is the originator of the modern Christmas season – even though the traditions are borrowed, stolen, and hijacked from many ancient beliefs.  Heck, Christ isn’t even his last name! Christians IMPLORE everyone to put CHRIST back into Christmas – and it’s not even his name.


Yahu’shuah (translates to Joshua… not Jesus) was believed, by some, to be the Messiah, which in Hebrew (moschiach) means “the anointed one”. The Greek word for the oil used to anoint someone is “khrisma”, and the person so anointed is “Khristos” in Greek, “Christus” in Latin, and “Christ” in English. Had he been considered someone deserving of anointing, he would have been called Joshua the Anointed, or Jesus the Christ.

Often, people believe that because Jesus was the “anointed one” he was the Messiah. Not true – as being anointed was not solely reserved for the Messiah. Other people who were anointed were Kings, High Priests, and prophets. And, in special circumstances, sick people would be anointed to help in the healing process.

So, if some peeps want to be closer to their god and “his” holiday, I propose a name change to Yahu’shuahmis – or anglicized (for easy pronunciation for ‘Mericans) Joshmas.


The Reason Of The Season is a new series that will take place from December 1 – December 25. I, like many non-theists and non-Christians, love the holiday season. I love taking the this chilly time of year to remind the people I love how much I love and adore them, to help and give to those less fortunate, and feel the innocent hope of when I was a child. This series is an effort to educate many on tradition and history as well as an opportunity to share why I love this time of year and the traditions we use and have created in our family.



Comments on: "Merry Anointing Oil! The Reason Of The Season Series: Day 1" (2)

  1. Vicki JohnsonBarrett said:

    You go, girl! I’m gonna like this month’s posts.
    Merry Joshmas!

  2. […] wondered if pine trees’ feelings get hurt – you know that ones we use for Christmas (or Joshmas […]

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