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Hitchens Is Gone – The Reason Of The Season: Day 16

Christopher Hitchens, you will be missed.

After a long battle with esophageal cancer, Christopher Hitchens, one of the Four Horseman, died last night at the age of 62.

His work and influence will live on through those of us courageous enough to speak openly about the detrimental effect religion has had on the world since it’s invention. Hitchens was honest, brutally honest. He didn’t even like Christmas… or any religious celebration. And although I celebrate Christmas, albeit totally void of any Jebus stuff, this doesn’t sway my awe and respect for the man.

He was brilliant. And intelligent. And challenging.

Great minds challenge, small minds follow blindly. He, most certainly, was the former.

My friend, Troy, would like to designate December 15 as Hitchmas from now on…

Read his final Vanity Fair piece.



The Reason Of The Season is a new series that will take place from December 1 – December 25. I, like many non-theists and non-Christians, love the holiday season. I love taking the this chilly time of year to remind the people I love how much I love and adore them, to help and give to those less fortunate, and feel the innocent hope of when I was a child. This series is an effort to educate many on tradition and history as well as an opportunity to share why I love this time of year and the traditions we use and have created in our family.


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